Cookie Policy

When you visit Flightscanner you automatically receive one or more cookies. We use different types of cookies of which most are necessary to deliver our services optimally. In addition, we use third party cookies for statistics and to analyse user behaviour.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is transferred to your computer’s web browser by a website.

Cookies make it possible to recognise you as you return to our site and make it possible to send personalised information to your browser. The cookies set by Flightscanner in your browser can only be read by our servers andno personal information is saved in the cookie.

What are cookies used for on our website?

To identify our users and their needs, we aggregate demographic and user behaviour statistics. This makes it possible for us to adjust and maintain services that correspondent with our users’ preferences.

What we will never do

Flightscanner values your visit and we want you to have the best possible experience while you're on one of our sites. We respect your privacy anddo not store any information that will identify you personally such as names, addresses or email addresses.

Cookies from advertising networks

We use cookies to register if you click on any type of advert. The information aggregated is used to target you with adverts that is of relevance to you based on your online behaviour (searches and clicks on adverts) on Flightscanner. This advertising is delivered through third party advertising networks such as Google and Yahoo.

No personal information (PII) is aggregated with the purpose of sharing. Please notice, that the targeting of ads is also common practice on other websites as well. If you do not want to be included in the advertising networks, you can opt out of them altogether, or individually.

For how long is a cookie stored?

Cookies placed on your computer will be store for amaximum of 24 months after the last time you visited one of our websites. If you visit one of our websites the period is extended.

How do I avoid cookies?

Go here to prevent cookies from being placed by your web browser as well as to how to delete cookies. Some cookies are necessary for optimal use of our service and therefore we recommend that you don’t turn off cookies.